My Story


Contrary to popular belief, my name is not Viv, it's Sarah! I've been creative all my life and am drawn to bold colours and floral patterns. I specialize in colour theory and creating beautiful palettes for every occasion.

How did I start?

ViV Jewelry is a projection of my mind through colours and patterns that make me feel good and bring vibrance to my everyday life. The business started in May 2019 as a hobby to take me away from the stress of school, and then accidentally turned into an obsession that I ended up working day and night on.
I did 3 years in an illustration course and not once did I feel as passionate or confident about my illustration work as I do about making this jewelry. I spent all summer dragging a table onto Queen Street West and sitting there all day selling my new creations. The support I received was incredible and I'm so lucky to have had that sort of reaction. After doing my first few official artisan markets, I made the decision in September that there was no way I was going back to school. I found out so much about myself and realized this is what I actually wanted to do.  I could now appreciate the ultimate creative freedom I now had without feeling like school was the only way to achieve it. To this day, I am firm believer that success is subjective and everyone will have their own definitions. What matters is that you are enjoying the process.

What does "viv" stand for?

The name “ViV” stems from two different meanings. Firstly, it's named after my grandma, Vivian, from my mom's side. She was a sarcastic witty woman who lit up a room with laughter and radiant energy. The second meaning is derived from the word “vivacious” which, in short, is used to describe something or someone who is lively and spirited; someone like my grandmother who brought sparkle and animation to any environment. This quality is something I also try to manifest and an element that I like to infuse into my jewelry. Bright colours and patterns come from whatever I am feeling in that moment and are very rarely actually planned. This makes my work feel so much more authentic and spontaneous, which I assume a lot of people like to see in a small business; a person who loves what they do and it shows through the way they express themselves.

To conclude...

I would be nowhere without my community and the people around me who have offered so much advice and support, because frankly, I had no idea what I was doing at the beginning. I still don't. I'm continuously learning about the business side of things everyday, it can be really overwhelming because I am just one person making, selling and then marketing everything but I really can't see it any other way. My dream is to eventually expand into teaching workshops to people who want to learn how to make contemporary jewelry and also be able to take my trade on the road so I can travel the world.
In retrospect, I still have so much I want to learn and I like to devote a lot of time perfecting my skill and incorporating myself into the Toronto community because I love connecting with other local artists and supporters.
If you have any questions or inquiries, the best way to reach me personally is through Instagram or email.